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SML Board of Trustees Announces Candidates for Election

Stephentown Memorial Library Board of Trustees Annual Meeting

Sunday, April 16 at 4:00pm

Candidates for 2023 Stephentown Memorial Library Board Election.

The Stephentown Memorial Library (SML) Nominating Committee offers the following slate of candidates for election at the 2023 Annual Meeting to be held on Sunday, April 16 at 4:00pm at the Stephentown Memorial Library.

A link to the virtual meeting will be posted on the SML website.

SML Bylaws outline trustee terms as four years long, running from May 1st of the year elected through April 30th four years later. Trustees may serve two terms, and are elected at the Annual Meeting held in April.

SML Bylaws also allow for nominations to be solicited from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

Nominees for election to the SML Board of Trustees:

Patricia Arndt–Seat #9–1st Term ending 4/30/207

Richard Dauchy–Filling in for Seat #2 with term ending 4/30/2024

Open–Seat #3–Term ends 4/30/25

Open–Seat #8–Term ends 4/30/2027

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