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Board of Trustees

Do you love your library? Become a Library Trustee!

Library Trustees are powerful advocates for our library.

The Stephentown Memorial Library’s Board of Trustees is at the heart of the library’s workings. Library Trustees are responsible for upholding our mission, maintaining our financial solvency, forming present and future library policies, and ensuring that Stephentown Memorial Library continues to meet our community’s needs.

Our board is made up of 9-15 members who are voted on by the board. Trustees are asked to serve a four-year term. Every trustee is asked to serve on a committee and/or be an officer of the board. Our meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM.

In the New York State handbook a library trustees’ responsibilities are described as follows:

        • Create and develop the mission of the library;
        • Regularly plan and evaluate the library’s service program based on community needs;
        • Select, hire and regularly evaluate a qualified library director;
        • Secure adequate funding for the library’s service program;
        • Exercise fiduciary responsibility for the use of public and private funds;
        • Adopt policies and rules regarding library governance and use;
        • Maintain a facility that meets the library’s and community’s needs;
        • Promote the library in the local community and in society in general;
        • Conduct the business of the library in an open and ethical manner in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and with respect for the institution, staff and public.

What is a board member’s commitment?

Board members are expected to attend monthly board meetings along with committee meetings. Board meetings are held once a month with the director and are open to the public. This is where policies, spending, and general library events are discussed and voted on. Each board member is also expected to chair a committee. Our current committees include fundraising, grounds, scholarships, administrative, building, and youth. Smaller committees allow for in-depth discussion and planning on specific topics. Committees then report their recommendations back to the larger board. A board member might be asked to lead a committee as well as attend other committee meetings.

Our Library Board of Trustees has four officers, president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary, which make up the Executive Committee. It is our goal to train new officers before the current officers have finished their term. Board members may be asked to take on these responsibilities.

Fundraising is important to the sustainability of the library. Trustees are responsible for planning and running fundraising and community events for the library. These events include a library Celebrate Stephentown event, the annual meeting, the holiday fair, the Easter Party, the Halloween Party, Veteran’s Day lunch, and book fairs. Board members are often required to help set up, help during the event, clean up, and donate baked goods or other items.

How do I become a board member?

You can reach out to any current board member, library staff, or director to express your interest. We will likely ask you to attend one of our monthly meetings so you can learn more about us and we can learn more about you. For more information, email Kim Roppolo at


Library Board Members

Jennifer Peabody


Scott Wyner

Vice President

Sarah Thompson


Richard Dauchy


Deborah Edison


Ariana Lake


Kim McMann


Patty Arndt