Our Annual Meeting Is This Sunday

It’s that time again!

Members are encouraged to attend our Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 23rd at 4pm to vote on new trustees, hear State of the Library reports from our officers and share their feedback.

We’ll also honor our special guest, Judge John Meekins, for his many years of service, friendship and support.

Food and beverages will be provided and everyone is welcome.

Saying Goodbye To Our Library Director

As you may have heard, our longtime Library Director, Laurenne Teachout, is off to new adventures in time and space after 16 years as a member of our staff.

We are grateful for her many contributions to our Library and the Stephentown community during her tenure and offer our best wishes for the chapters ahead.

Assistant Director Kim Roppolo will serve as Interim Library Director in the weeks to come as the Board of Trustees begins its search for a permanent replacement. She can be reached by email at kim@stephentownlibrary.org

Recap Of Our Easter Egg Hunt

We almost forgot to tell you all about the great time we had at our annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 9th!

We had over 150 attendees, including 85 kids, and they did a great job finding the 1000 eggs we hid all over the property (with a little help from the Easter Bunny).

Thanks to all the volunteers who assisted us, the Library’s Youth Committee for planning and executing the event, and the Stephentown Youth Commission for their sponsorship.

Our April Newsletter

If you’re not a cardholder, or we have an out-of-date email address for you in our database, you may not have seen our new April Newsletter, which went out last night.

Click here to check out all the latest books and movies we’ve added to the collection and a list of our upcoming events for the month of April.

Hope to see you soon!

Public School Sports & Homeschooling

Why can’t that boy in the news play on the basketball team? Is it against the law? Is it up to the local school boards? What does NYS say about homeschooling and playing sports? What do other states do? Why should I care?

On Tuesday, April 18th at 6:30 p.m., local homeschooling mom, Laura Bassallo, will host an informal conversation about the issues, laws and misunderstandings surrounding home-educated children playing on public school sports teams.

The hope is to create a place of understanding for future community/district athletes to be able to play together and for a common purpose; whether educated at home or at the public school.

All are welcome to attend.